Friday, October 28, 2005

Group Painting Studies 5

Photos are showing some shots from the Fifth Kolahstudio Group Painting ,in which Artists seek to discover a new atmosphere. Through this Studies in which 2 or more Artists Co operate to paint a Canvas ,We want to realize how we treat to Images and visual expressions and Show our art partners what is really comes from our inner.

The painting has been started by Arash Khodaee (Painter) and Kaveh Tavakoli (Painter) and continued by them till the concept and main forms and colors have finished. The rest of the painting is done by Kaveh Tavakoli and some little things are done by Karan Reshad (Painter).

See The previous Group painting : Here

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Photos Show Some shots from Iranian Contemporary Sculptures ,shown in 2005
Art Events in Tehran.

Friday, October 21, 2005

They Hate Our Freedom!

the 'THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM' art show
on FRIDAY OCTOBER 28 8 pm - 2 am Blue Cube- San francisco
& November 12 at the PROJECT gallery- LA.

According to the Startsome Propaganda Show Calling ,The NEW ART in this show will confound all those who might HATE OUR FREEDOM.
PROPAGANDA 2.0 exhibitions will consist exclusively of posters, t-shirts, and stickers.
NOTHING will be sold, and there will be NO outside sponsors for the shows.

hundreds of artists thousands of pieces of propaganda :
Confirmed Artists?
Shepard Fairey David Choe Eric Orr Winston Smith Aidan Hughes Bask DURKL Tes One Klutch Visual Narcotics:20mg Pure Evil ZOLTRON TV BOY Plasticgod UNVOZModel Slut in Paradise Buff Monster Culprit Research Project Rex Williams Douglas MinklerThe Evolution Control Committee TradeMark G. CRFTP I-MANIFEST Viagrafik Gestaltungsbüro FATCOP XXL Braveland Design Vinnie Ray MAD ONE Chris CogganEan Golden David Hart Mike Callaghan Armando H. Torres option-g Giulio IurissevichVinnie Ray Kyle Goen Marcus Gardner Gettys Industries Tim Hall Jasmine Worth Otis Chamberlain Peat Wollaeger Scot Lefavor Nicole Schulman Tricia Choi Know Our EnemyLMAC Bernard Rauch Billy Bishop Carl Burton RIV Mike Callaghan Mark MolitorAnthony Grant Christopher Nash Douglas Minkler Deathattack Poor Al Casey O'ConnellVULCAN Erik Siador Protein Make It Blue Marcus Gardner David Hart Robert DohrmannJorel Tingesdahl l Justin Tolentino poplab graphics esm artificial Billionaires for Bush Jo Ann Sollecito Chris Mostyn The First Amendment Project CAI Bernard Rauch Marcus GardnerStephen Pearcy Kyle Goen Graphonic Radioactive Future Josh MacPhee Alexander Heirarea3 Bradford Hornsby Adam Faja Igor Knezevic Fernando Amaro James LundriganIan Guy Elias Garcia Haik Hoisington 47 Nazli G. Mark Bode Robots will Kill Clinton FeinExpress Your View Charles A. Beers Josh MacPhee 86 Mike Callaghan Mr. Shrew A1one (Karan Reshad) From Iran Vintage Propaganda from the Last Gasp Collection Liberation Iannillo Cum* James Coxon Cameron Ross Scot Lefavor Lose Lose Nino RodriguezBrad Hornsby Senator TOM WESTERLIN Chad Mallum [sic] Michael Mut

EAN GOLDEN (aka Fidelski) from CRFTP
NAMELESS political punk band
(everyone is under 12!)

FRIDAY OCTOBER 28 8 pm - 2 am
Blue Cube map to 34 Mason

performances projections mash-ups spoken wordnew media special guests DJs live music more

NO outside sponsorsNO art will be soldFREE ADMISSION!

propaganda 2.0 opens in LA on November 12 at the PROJECT gallery.

additional PROPAGANDA 2.0 information

Monday, October 17, 2005

Karan Reshad Exhibition On Seyhoun Art Gallery

Iranian Junior Male Artist ,Karan Reshad ,is holding a Solo Painting exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery –Tehran ,Iran from15 to 21 October 2005 .About 34 Paintings
By the Artist are concluded to be exhibited in this show. Pieces are mainly titled “Alones”As the Works and theme of Karan Reshad’s Paintings through last two years ,was always loneliness and the philosophic means of Existence.

Karan Reshad has been painting about 7 years ,and it’s about 2 years that he is painting professionally and established his Personal studio In Tehran. His second Exhibition is dated 12 to 17 November 2005 at: Behzad Art Gallery –Tehran.
“ I consider my portraits as some(individual) memorials for Loneliness” said the Artist” loneliness of ones who live in this century ,in Cities of this century and The loneliness which is hidden in our Breaths and Sighs. “ All of the works (K.Reshad Paintings) are categorized to Expressionism ,as the artist claims .

Saturday, October 15, 2005

China Biennale

Women - Painting By Iranian Artist ,Afshin Pirhashemi
The Winner of The Second prize of The China biennale 2005

China Biennale - The 30-day event and Probably one of the most Important Art Biennales in Asia, attracted more than 400 artists from 67 countries and regions, who bring more than 700 peaces of works, mainly paintings and sculptures.

Three works by Germany, British and Mexico artists won the best prizes at the Second Beijing International Art Biennale 2005.
"The Wise Virgins" by Anselm Kiefer from German, "Bent of Mind" by Tony Cragg from the Great Britain and "Arriving to New York" by Arturo Rivera from Mexico got the jury's favors among more more than 500 overseas artworks.

"Kerze II" by Gerhard Richter from Germany,"Woman" by Afshin Pirhashemi from Iran, "Float and the Might I" by Chusin Setiadikara from Indonesia, , "Closer" by Dario Urzay from Spain and "Unknown" by Anne-Karin Furunes from Norway got the second prizes of The china Biennale.

As an Iranian Art Media WE don't actualy know if Afshin Pirhashmi has recieved
his Prize from The Iranian Agent Who was supposed to deliver His prize from The
National Art Museum of China.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Photo Talk*

Photos are Showing Some sculptures owned by Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art ,Located in the Outdoor Enviroment of the Musuem(TMCA.)

* Photo Talk: Through this Week we Decide to Have Some photographic Description of What We really see in Iranian Art Scene ,Tehran. Underground Art Media and Basement
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