Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spray 1387 -Spray art Exhibition-Tehran

With a great amount of visitors through the 6 days of the Show-spray1387- which was the second independant annual cellebration of spray art and young culture in IRAN, kolahstudio has Finished another step in Organizing Some underground Stuff Abusing the Mainstream official Gallery space to make some Noise and spread the word of Rebelion,Independant art and Cultural Activism.
WE are Not Doing politics but we care about Society and our youth.

With doing some unusual extra programs around Spray1387 Exhibition we had succeed showing a real part or our existance in the city +sharing our younger follower's products with the audience.

As an Alternative ,effective Media and Basement ,changing many aspects of youth life in Tehran and other big cities of IRAN KS has invited it's younger sister sites to join and share their experiences on young ,experimental litterature ,indie mag publishing and Music performance.

We are Glad that we could make it in IRAN with 100 % independance to promore younger Art experiments and advertising our culture agains official mainstreat culture.

We are Making the change By our ACTS not OUR Words.

check more and more about the show at :

Kolahstudio / Tehran

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