Monday, November 27, 2006

4th painting Biennale of Islamic World !!!

Iranian Academy Of Arts !!! presents:
THe Fourth International Painting Biennail (biennale) of the Islamic World
The Biennale Has just Opened tonight In Two sections of Eastern Dream and Free Theme.The Exhibition continues till Dec.21 2006 . As they Published in The Biennale Cataloge the main goal of this exhibition is The cultural relation and Artistic dialouge between Muslim Painters and artists all over the world!!!so one question will be remain between my eyes as i am witnessing the situation in Iran ,when Painters and art lovers lack a National Painting biennale for 5 years.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shots Taken from Kolahstudio - An Art Basement in Tehran

In Tehran , Iran - Kolahstudio is a basement dedicated to Young Art and Experience . all artists can put time have a workshop,meeting and visit the basement with schaduel which can be recieved through email or by joining [

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nooreldin ZarinKelk Animation Review

Farzan Publications is holding aseries of Intelectual REviews on Iranian Freethinkers and artists in a basement in Tehran . THis weeks plan is To show 4 Short animations of one of The pioneers of the iranian Animation scene - Noureldin Zarin-Kelk - who has been directed and produced more than 10 animations in a decade.Here you see some shots of the Program in FArzan Pub.I hope such moves get to go on more and more through our city and country.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pain Things Till 9 November 2006

Karan Reshad Paintings (Pain things as Artist claims on his invitation Card )serrie " October 1385" is going to be Exhibited in Mehrain Art Gallery Terhan(Teheran) at 4th november 2006.The exhibition will be continued till 9th november 2006 . Visiting hours : 16 to 20

Music Playlist:
Fisr Hour :October 85 Music colage
Second Hour : Jaziza
Third Hour : Softland
forth Hour : Repeat : October 85 Music colage
Address: No.21 - west Fazel St. , Nasr(Gisha) St.
Thanks to Friends who drive the exhibition to a successfull ending . S.mohadesi , S.Nasr and other friends. Underground Art Media and Basement
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