Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ghazal Zare Exhibition on Seyhoun Art Gallery/ Tehran

Iranian Junior Painter Ghazal Zare is now Exhibiting her Paintings in Seyhoun Art Gallery. She is 27 and has been painting since childhood, as she claims.
 Ghazal Zare
Ghazal’s paintings are like children paintings ,but not in all aspects. They just remind you those of children’s but in fact She Holds on an individual logic through her paintings.Using of Masking and some general compositions may take the viewer our of that child like painting.further more the subjects of Her works are good claims of not being a child ,all about loving beside a little paper with words which aim to help you Reach the artist’s feelings. Through the word and behind her Paintings once you will see a man fel in love with a Graff on a pink and violet canvas then a chickenpoxed child and then you may discover a truly black Crow ….
They are all seeming to be remembered by the painter,like glances of Her Childhood dreams and realities.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Solmaz Tohidlou Iranian femal Painter

An exhibition of Solmaz Tohidlou , is being held this week in Seyhoun Art Gallery Tehran .The Figurative and progressive methods she captured ,In my point of view , is somehow different from Iran Art Mob ( General Artists of Iranian art society).
 Solmaz Tohidlou Works  photo by
Her works are aggressive,a bit lyrical and I could feel some influences from “Modligani” , in her figures ,beside her own way of describing life.
The same way as children, she has named her works with “sentences “ but with gloomy statements.
Tohidlou’s Works can not be accepted as today’s art but can be considered as a good start for Such a young Female Artist.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fourth Contemporary Iranian Sculpture Biennale

Tehran’s Fourth Sculpture Biennale Is Opened From 7th ,July 2005 in Saba Cultural House. The Exhibition is Held in two separate parts : Free and “ Iranian Dream ,World Horizons” .
Though The Iranian sculpture History of Islamic era was not Valid From Two aspects : Existance and Creativity . In The Iranian Art History ,sculpture was Dead for about 1200 years and revived by the Works of Masters Like AbolHassan Sadighi , Ali Akbar Sanaati , Ali Ghahari , Parviz Tanavoli , Bahman Mohasses and Saeed Shahlapour ( Secretary of This Biennale) .
The new Generation of Iranian sculptors Are now Using Many materials and Technics To get what they want. And It is a notable Success, Particularly in Post Islamic Revolution era.
In The fourth Biennale ,which is the Best of all ,397 people participated and 133 Artists with about 250 Pieces Were accepted.

 Kolahstudio Beside The Biennale ,there are 2 Commemorating Exhibitions of Mrs. Liliet Teryan , Mrs.Nahid Saleyani , Mr. Mohammad Ali Madadi and Mr. Syrous Ghaemaghami in Kamal i din Behzad Art Gallery and Iranian Artists Organization. Kolahstudio

Friday, July 08, 2005

Frida Kahlo at Tate Gallery - London

Until 9 October
The first solo UK exhibition devoted to this celebrated Mexican artist. Eighty works are on display, including her poignantly beautiful self portraits and lush still lifes.

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego rivera's Wife is now regarded as one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century and this is the first major UK exhibition dedicated to her work to take place for over twenty years.
 Frida Kahlo
Kahlo is variously enshrined in the popular imagination as a bohemian artist, a victim turned survivor, proto-feminist, sexual adventurer who challenged gender boundaries, and, with her mixed-race parentage, an embodiment of a hybrid, postcolonial world.

 Frida Kahlo - Me and My parotts 1941
"In 1953, when Frida Kahlo had her first solo exhibition in Mexico (the only one held in her native country during her lifetime), a local critic wrote: 'It is impossible to separate the life and work of this extraordinary person. Her paintings are her biography.' This observation serves to explain both why her work is so different from that of her contemporaries, the Mexican Muralists, and why she has since become a feminist icon
Between 1926, when she made her first self-portrait, and her death in 1954, Kahlo produced around 200 images. Certainly the biographical details of her remarkable life inflect many aspects of her work, yet her depiction of her body and experiences can also be seen as a response to wider cultural and political debates. For all their apparent naivety, her works frequently reveal an incendiary subtext, whether they are questioning power relationships between developed and developing nations, testing the role of women within a patriarchal society, or attempting to reconcile the global histories and religions of East and West.
 Frida Kahlo

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Paul Klee Center Designed Br Renzo Piano

BERN (AFP) - The Centre Paul Klee, a museum designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and dedicated to works by German painter Paul Klee. The museum is scheduled to open on Monday 20 June.(AFP/File/Jean-Pierre Clatot)
Opening fortnight from 20 June to 3 July 2005

 Paul Klee Zentrum

The Zentrum Paul Klee will not be an art museum in the traditional sense. It is to become the leading centre of competence worldwide for research into and the mediation and presentation of Paul Klee, his life and his work, as well as the way in which his art is received. Given the diversity of Paul Klee’s artistic activities the Centre will therefore not limit itself merely to showcasing Klee’s pictorial work but act as a platform for interdisciplinary forms of artistic expression.
For this centre of excellence on all matters relating to Paul Klee a traditional museum is not what the renowned, award-winning Italian architect Renzo Piano had in mind. Renzo Piano's in-depth involvement with the complex project commission and the terrain on the eastern outskirts of Bern gave him the idea of creating a spacious island of green from which the architecture would emerge in the form of three undulating waves. In its entirety the Landscape Sculpture created as a result becomes a cultural destination.

Paul Klee was a fore-runner of non-representational art. A very popular artist, he worked most of his life as an artist and teacher at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany before and during the oppression of artists during the Hitler era. He is known for his off-beat sense of humour and the deceptively child-like nature of his art. He once wrote, "I want to be as though newborn, to be almost primitive." Working more and more child-like withpaint, he eventually moved into a kind of painting that was solely about colour, shape and texture.


This Is The Addrees Of THe Master Zentrum:
 PK Add Underground Art Media and Basement
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