Sunday, August 12, 2007

Spray 2007 / Tehran

The First Apearance of Street Art In Tehran Galleries ....
As the first experience of graffiti in Tehran has happened by artists involved with “KolahStudio” Project, we are undoubtedly going to present some in Tehran galleries.

The gallery is not our temple, just a place to play safe. So we are
going to play safe for a week and make some thing real out of it in the
following weeks.

We will be so delighted to see the expansion of contacts and cooperation among the young artists in parallel with the growth and development of Urban Art in Iran and it is noteworthy that such art in its ideal form can have an enormous effect on converting the face of the city in to a more different and elegant one. As the spring of the new generation of Urban Culture and the visual experience KolahStudio presents The Spray Exhibition (September 1st to 1st of October 2007) with the participation of three Iranian artists and seven artists from Germany, India, Finland, Belgium, Israel, US and UK will be held in different public places in different cities in Iran. All the exhibition reports, reviews and materials plus full photo coverage of the show will be published through Brainstorm magazine in the middle of October 2007
1st to 6th September 2007
The Exhibition will continue from 8th to 20th September in Other Public spaces in TEHRAN. Presentation ofSticker Board From Sticker Bomb Feb2007 Tehran
Exhibition Spaces:
Mehrin Gallery - Gish Str. TehranCafe Eskis : Enqilab Ave. TehranFriends House Cafe : Vali asr Ave. Tehran more events will be announced later in

Thanks to all participated artists:
A1one+ (IRAN),
Cilt (IRAN),
Hansel Pansel(Finland) ,
Pure Evil+(UK) ,
Raju(INDIA) ,
R-ash(IRAN) ,
Sint (Finland) ,
Yo!(Germany) ,
Scuk(Singapore) ,
Sztuka-Fabryka +(Belgium)

and also Tehran Sticker bomb Participants : Underground Art Media and Basement
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