Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat The Rich

Michael Jeha, Managing Director of Christie’s in the Middle East, said: “In one year Christie’s Dubai achieved a 117% increase in the sale of Contemporary Middle Eastern art. Tonight, pictures for this sale were consigned from 15 different countries and, as a measure of the international interest in Middle Eastern art, they have been dispersed among buyers from 18 different countries. It is this diversity of consigning and buying that has helped to develop this market so quickly, transforming from a local to a regional and global force in just four years. ”

Art Work By Afshin Pirhashemi

The highlight among the Iranian Art was a large oil on canvas triptych by the leading artist Mohammed Ehsai which sold for $662,500 It was a  monochrome black and white Calligraphic Set of Design reflecting his fascination with calligraphy .
Also Afshin Pirhashemi’s Great piece entitled" Seduction", exploring the complexities of life in today’s Iran, reached $518,500 ,The othe Artist from IRAN was Farhad Moshiri 's piece sold for $422,500.
Art Work By Mohammad Ehsai

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