Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Celebrating the Creative Talents of Figurative Artists.

The Contest

The contest is for Figurative Art in three broad categories: drawing, painting, and sculpting (sculpting includes any 3D art).
Art must be created without using a live model- that is, from reference photos (see note at left).
To enter, we ask that you fill out an entry form and mail or email photos of your work. Entries will be used for contests only, they will not be sold and you retain ownership. [Click for More Details}
Call for Entries
We are interested in Figurative Art, 2D or 3D, inspired by photos.
1) read the Detailed Instructions below,
2) fill out an entry form and
3) send us photos of your Figurative Art on disk or by email.
No entry fees.

We Look forward to receiving your entry!
- Maureen and Douglas, Live Model Books LLC

They also have a great book of free models for you

Monday, February 20, 2006

18th 'Independent Arts'- Festival - Belgium

18th 'Independent Arts'- Festival

Started in 1988, the "Independent Arts"-Festival has grown towards an international known event for any form of creativity. The aim of the Festival is both to present an overview of independent creativity world wide, performed by communication networks, and to create a meeting place for exchanging the acquired experiences. The Festival mainly focuses on artistic activities performed in scenes such as home-tape, Mail-Art, street art, small press, … On top of that, video, performance and fine art artists do get the possibility to exhibit and perform their creativity. As such, the "Independent Arts"-Festival is unique in its kind.

18th "Independent Arts"-Festival will focus itself on the interaction between artists and an estimated public of 700. The public will not only be able to "see" but also to "do" in various ways. For participating artists an extra challenge.

22-23 apr 006 > Vierkante Zaal - Van Britsomstraat - Sint-Niklaas - Belgium
28-30 apr 006 > Temporary Art Centre - Vonderweg - Eindhoven - The Netherlands

> ::Hixtril:: (BE) / Sjors Trimbach (NL) / Pure Evil (UK) / Eugene & Louise (BE) / Noaz (E) / Josh MacPhee / (U.S.A.) / Vinnie Ray ( U.S.A.) / M-City (PL) / Weestar (CN)

> unknown artist formally known as gassy recipe (BE) / Jimmy Fly & Dzia-Dzia (BE) / James Marr (E) / Matt Joyce (UK) / Ruben De Loof (B) / Chu Keng Fu (TW) / Joris Van Vossel (BE) / Bram Verstraeten (BE) / Christian Lindemann (DE) / Eline Van Eerdenbrugh (BE) / Sabina Romanin (IT) / Sammy Vandenberghe (BE) / I Like Drawing (UK) / Lorenzo Petrantoni (IT) / Available Art (PL) / Dzia-Dzia (BE) / Stijn Claikens (BE) / DsuDorion (BE) / Chica (BE)

> Guido Vermeulen (BE) / Marilyn Dammann (U.S.A.) / Rémy Penard (FR) / buZ blurr (U.S.A.) / Angela Netmail (DE) / John Held Jr. & Mike Dickau (U.S.A.) / Haje Homström (FI) / Ragged Edge Press ( U.S.A.) / Pawel Petasz (PL) / Sztuka Fabryka (BE) / H.R. Fricker (CH) / The Sticker Dude (U.S.A.) /
> Mail-Art meeting: Rémy Penard (FR) / Karl-Friedrich Hacker (DE) / Peter Netmail (DE) / Dobrica Kamperelic (YU) / Reid Wood ( U.S.A.) / Lynn Palmiter Jr. & Elizabeth Zois (U.S.A.) / Franziska Block (DE) / Stijn Hüwels (BE) / ...

> Karl-Friedrich Hacker (DE) / Danny Hellman (U.S.A.) / Dzia-Dzia (BE) / Jenny Gonzalez ( U.S.A.) / Garage Magazine (IT) / Polvo (U.S.A.) / Brad Simon (U.S.A.) / Kaasschaaf Uitgeverij (NL) / Bries (BE)

> Karl-Friedrich Hacker (DE) / Peter Netmail (DE) / Ultima Occasio (YU) / Nele Antonovic, Gabriel Savic Ra and Lidija Anotonovic (YU) / Wannes Goetschalckx (BE) / Patrick Anderson-Mc.Quoid (IE) & Marina Miletic (BE)

> Documentary screening on Saturday "POPaganda" by Pedro Carvajal (U.S.A.) / Front (BE) / Taxonomy (IT) / Lane Last (U.S.A.) / Silvio De Gracia (AR) / Sinus Gunes & Nilde Safak (TR) / SU-EN (SE) / Zoran Dragelj (CA) / Jan Leenders (BE) / Myriam Thyes (DE) / Clemente Padin (UY) / Stijn Roelofs presents Justin Kees & Mike Clark (NL) / Studio Van Laar (NL) / Pure Evil (UK)

> Fear Falls Burning (vidnaObmana) (BE) / Kapotski (BE) / Formatt (BE) / Five Leaves Left (BE) / Anatole Stretch vs Nakamura (BE) / Jozefaleksandropedro (BE)

more info:

Brainstorm underground Art Emag Ready to download

Brainstorm by Kolahstudio
The 3th Emag - Feb 2006 Underground Artists Media


With Art Works by
Arash Hamidi , Arash Vahdati
Maya Kulenovic, alex Biryukoff
Nahid Sereshki ,Shady Noyani
Don Roberts ,BehrouzReshad
Arash Khodaee , Ismaeel Bahrani
Karan Reshad , Ardalan Khakzad
The Yok , Amenth , Farzad kohan
and ...
Iranian Graffiti :
Photo Report from The Iranian graffiti Scene


Kolahstudio interview with UP - the Iranian Underground Rock Band

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