Sunday, November 03, 2013

Art Of Calligraphy Meets 3D Rendering

Here Are Some Example Of hand Written Modern Persian Calligraphy ,Baked by Digital Computer Rendering as to be 3D Designs & Sculpture Modeling  Sketches. Arabic letters are used in Persian Writting Fact what is today known as Arabic Graffiti ,has been grown in Iran by Persian Graffiti Writers since early 2000.Later for different reasons ,mainly bussiness and Political purposes the World Wide Media Has Chosen the Name Arabic Graffiti and Led the Market the way which suits it.
By the way Here We are presenting for The first time  some images of Digital Renderings of the newest approaches toward The Art of Persian Calligraphy meeting the Digital 3d rendering tool.
You can also See an Album of more Handmade Canvase and Designs  Here (Kolahstudio) and Also Tons of Graffiti from Middle East (IRAN) HERE (IRANGRAFFITI)
 3D Persian Calligraphy Design  Arabic Graffiti
Arabic Calligraphy 3D 
Farsi Calligraphy Arabic_Calligraffiti 
Calligraphy Sculpture Design
Modern Persian Calligraphy
 [Large]   بنی آدم اعضای یک پیکرند
Persian Graffiti Design
 Persian Modern Calligraphy Design [Large]
Persian Poem Calligraphy Design

Also More Persian and Arabic Calligraffiti Pieces [ here ]

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