Friday, December 23, 2005

Call for Art 2006

Introduction : is a non-for profit ,independent and rebellious underground Media ,Aims to move the human spirit. We seek something else ,because life is something else.and so … we are using all our capabilities and power to Tell the truth ,to be a mirror and not to be a nice image off the wall. After 2 Issues of Kolahstudio resume 2004 and 2005 in Flash Format , Kolahstudio would like you to introduce the Shocking Media – Brainstorm – On PDf or Flash Format , uncensored and free to download on the Website or Email.The First Public issue of The Magazine would bring you 40 portrait images of expressing and Rebellious Art + Articles about World of Art and more exclusive shots from Iranian graffiti and urban Art.If you are ready to Help Us selecting Art works or Contributing for this issue ,let us Know by Email : editor @ Kolahstudio . com

Submitted works Should be New and Available by 1 month after publishing.

Entries :You can send 2 or 3 Images of your collected works in any Visual Media and in any art forms are accepted ,if express a feeling: paintings , Cartoons ,illustrations , Sculptures Graphic Designs , Photographs and Urban Art .Min : 2 , Max :3
We are responsible to publish maximum 40 Artworks ,to achieve The usable web access for the media. And there would be no view point to choose art works. Being expressive is the Theme and The Portrait would be the title.
Quality: Images most be in a Professional true Quality and visually close to the original.
Policy :By sending your works you are Accepting Kolahstudio Terms of Use and Privacy policies.
File size and format: All images most be In JPG of Giff Format more than 50kbs and less than 500kbs in size. .minimum size for the long side would be : 500Pixels and the max size would be 1024 pixels .
Theme : portrait and expression
Dead line: 15 January 2006
Send your works to : artists @ kolahstudio . com
Submitted works most be New(2005 - 2006) and Available by 1 month after publishing.

Art Works Information - In The Exchange Column you may write Y ,if you accept exchanging( Swapping)artworks with other artists.

Artists Informations
Full Name:
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Postal Code:
Telephone: Optional
A Short Biography:

Art Works Information
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nature in Iranian Contemporary Painting 2005

A painting Exhibition Titled: Nature in Iranian Contemporary Painting” is now open for the public show,in Tehran .The exhibition contaied of Iranian contemporary paintings ,with masterpieces from Sohrab Sepehri , Iran darroodi and some other junior and senior Artists.But the sad side of truth is the level of This Exhbition,in which you can not find more then 4 works ,worth paying attention.after melenium exhibition in which most of works are like decorative realism and Barbizon paintings and the most progressive works where some ugly copies of paul klee’s.
I really Don’t like to visit an Art Exhibition about to show popular and cheap Art in 2006. and I just know That Nature is not such a cheap existence as of those curatorz!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

An extreme instance of Artbook Censorship

Censoring is not a new phenamenon in Iran & many other countries around the globe.It mostly comprises those medias which are regarded against society’s governmental , social ,religious prospects.
In some countries ,cultural censorship is one of the most important devices used by the government . as a major and powerful weapon to hinder any mental improvement or any particular movement in the society.
In Islamic republic of Iran ,beside internet censorship ,media censorship and self-censorship(an Epidemic disease in Iran’s present anti-secular Rules),cultural sencorship ,the common kind of censoring is worth mentioning once more.

Undoubtedly finding Up to date books is something hard to achieve in Tehran . In a couple of bookstores of capital ,Tehran, you can find some categorized Foreign art and cultural books from Some popular western publishers ( exp. Thames & Hudson , taschen ,phaidon and …),but in all this books you can not find any surviving from censorship. If they are not censored by cruel black markers or razors ,they cant’t escape the white labels.

It seems as if Art is nothing ,but entertainment & artist is nobody but the producer of the costumer of the ill media.Perhaps ,They consume art students as ones who look for jusus tits or little holy kids pennies in Leonardo DaVinchi’s or he just seeks a man and a woman lying together in Mark Chagal’s Painting. Underground Art Media and Basement
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