Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fourth Contemporary Iranian Sculpture Biennale

Tehran’s Fourth Sculpture Biennale Is Opened From 7th ,July 2005 in Saba Cultural House. The Exhibition is Held in two separate parts : Free and “ Iranian Dream ,World Horizons” .
Though The Iranian sculpture History of Islamic era was not Valid From Two aspects : Existance and Creativity . In The Iranian Art History ,sculpture was Dead for about 1200 years and revived by the Works of Masters Like AbolHassan Sadighi , Ali Akbar Sanaati , Ali Ghahari , Parviz Tanavoli , Bahman Mohasses and Saeed Shahlapour ( Secretary of This Biennale) .
The new Generation of Iranian sculptors Are now Using Many materials and Technics To get what they want. And It is a notable Success, Particularly in Post Islamic Revolution era.
In The fourth Biennale ,which is the Best of all ,397 people participated and 133 Artists with about 250 Pieces Were accepted.

 Kolahstudio Beside The Biennale ,there are 2 Commemorating Exhibitions of Mrs. Liliet Teryan , Mrs.Nahid Saleyani , Mr. Mohammad Ali Madadi and Mr. Syrous Ghaemaghami in Kamal i din Behzad Art Gallery and Iranian Artists Organization. Kolahstudio


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Great Page , Photosd are sharp and talking.I think events are considerable.


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