Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ghazal Zare Exhibition on Seyhoun Art Gallery/ Tehran

Iranian Junior Painter Ghazal Zare is now Exhibiting her Paintings in Seyhoun Art Gallery. She is 27 and has been painting since childhood, as she claims.
 Ghazal Zare
Ghazal’s paintings are like children paintings ,but not in all aspects. They just remind you those of children’s but in fact She Holds on an individual logic through her paintings.Using of Masking and some general compositions may take the viewer our of that child like painting.further more the subjects of Her works are good claims of not being a child ,all about loving beside a little paper with words which aim to help you Reach the artist’s feelings. Through the word and behind her Paintings once you will see a man fel in love with a Graff on a pink and violet canvas then a chickenpoxed child and then you may discover a truly black Crow ….
They are all seeming to be remembered by the painter,like glances of Her Childhood dreams and realities.


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