Saturday, October 15, 2005

China Biennale

Women - Painting By Iranian Artist ,Afshin Pirhashemi
The Winner of The Second prize of The China biennale 2005

China Biennale - The 30-day event and Probably one of the most Important Art Biennales in Asia, attracted more than 400 artists from 67 countries and regions, who bring more than 700 peaces of works, mainly paintings and sculptures.

Three works by Germany, British and Mexico artists won the best prizes at the Second Beijing International Art Biennale 2005.
"The Wise Virgins" by Anselm Kiefer from German, "Bent of Mind" by Tony Cragg from the Great Britain and "Arriving to New York" by Arturo Rivera from Mexico got the jury's favors among more more than 500 overseas artworks.

"Kerze II" by Gerhard Richter from Germany,"Woman" by Afshin Pirhashemi from Iran, "Float and the Might I" by Chusin Setiadikara from Indonesia, , "Closer" by Dario Urzay from Spain and "Unknown" by Anne-Karin Furunes from Norway got the second prizes of The china Biennale.

As an Iranian Art Media WE don't actualy know if Afshin Pirhashmi has recieved
his Prize from The Iranian Agent Who was supposed to deliver His prize from The
National Art Museum of China.



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