Monday, October 17, 2005

Karan Reshad Exhibition On Seyhoun Art Gallery

Iranian Junior Male Artist ,Karan Reshad ,is holding a Solo Painting exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery –Tehran ,Iran from15 to 21 October 2005 .About 34 Paintings
By the Artist are concluded to be exhibited in this show. Pieces are mainly titled “Alones”As the Works and theme of Karan Reshad’s Paintings through last two years ,was always loneliness and the philosophic means of Existence.

Karan Reshad has been painting about 7 years ,and it’s about 2 years that he is painting professionally and established his Personal studio In Tehran. His second Exhibition is dated 12 to 17 November 2005 at: Behzad Art Gallery –Tehran.
“ I consider my portraits as some(individual) memorials for Loneliness” said the Artist” loneliness of ones who live in this century ,in Cities of this century and The loneliness which is hidden in our Breaths and Sighs. “ All of the works (K.Reshad Paintings) are categorized to Expressionism ,as the artist claims .


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