Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brainstorm#5 Call For artists + Stencil shaer Project

5th issue Theme : Contrast
Send us images of Art an documentary from simple digital photos to fineart. It's an especial issue for making a Contrast.The Theme is in contrast with Todays Popular Values in art and social relations.maybe you prefered to Send us your Worst Work in contrast with your Aesthetic Knowledge or any other images showing Contrast in any aspects of visionary.All sort of visual art is acceptable . Painting , Drawing , Experimental Paintworks,StreetArt ,Urban signs ,stickers,posters and stencils.
Attention: do not send us files with formats other than JPG,Giff and PDF .Maximum size is 990 kb.The Deadline is 20 November 2006

Stencil Share project#1
Every year we Are going to hold a stencil Share project for profesional stencil artist to share one stencil with other artists and audience from around the world . Each artist can participate with one Creative A3 ,one-layer or two layers stencil design. Plus the 5th issue of Brainstorm Magazine we are going to Invite all energetic stencil artists around the world to contribute a stencil design for this issue. Kolahstudio will publish 10 Stencil designs by 10 stencil artists around the world in A3 format so every one can just print,cut and spray them on city walls.What after?All the friends who sprayed at least one of stencils from the stencils share can send us 5 photos of their works to get participated in http://www.irangraffiti.com/ StencilShareZ Section , which will soon power this issues plus a PissPack issue.
The Deadline is 20 November 2006
find out more :http://brainstorm.kolahstudio.com/

Send your Submittions to : kolahstudio@gmail.com
Make sure to include your Artist name , Nationality and Contact Address or Website.works without basic informations won't be participated in the Magazine.be participated in the Magazine.


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