Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A selection of 17 visions

17 Iranian Contemporary Photographers. 22 May 2006 in tehran Musuem of Contemporary Art

The above mentioned lines are the title of an Exhibition which is open in Tehran Museum of contemporary art .

the exhibition aims to focuse on Iranian contemporary photography ,containing the most Progresive charecters whom begin this art in Iran.From Antuan Khan in Gajar Kingdom era to Iranian islamic Revolution and Iran -Iraq War photographers and Today.
As a young active artist I am not Satisfied with The exhibition entitled by TMOCA .It was the Worst exhibition i have evere Visited in my life .Nothing to see ,in 2006.No Idealogy , Nothing to share and just some aspects of Propoganding the same subject of being clean but not creative .It's obvious that seeing documentary photos of war by Kaveh Golestan is a great pleasure, But Why I should see them in a wrong place? beside some poor Photographes in which just The documentation was a cool attitude or the Lighting maters more than meaning . any one can click and take photo .

Why i should see a Gallery of Popular celebrity Calender photos ,hanging on TMCOA ,when i do believe They are More inspirations ,out between the young artists .I don't like to see A master Photographer ,amazed by photoshop in 50th year of his life and produces some foolish images which show he was doing nothing all his life?

It is not good to see right thing in a wrong place .
It is not good to see right thing in a wrong place .
It's Real


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i waS there !


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