Monday, April 03, 2006

Iranian Art scene in The Past Year

The past year was both a good and a bad year for Iranian Artists society.-Good News -Ahamad Nadalian , won the second prise of Tashkand Modern Art Biennale , Afshin Pirhashemi won the First prize on China biennale and Madjid Amini wob the second
Prize of the Aydin dogan -Turkey. Even more Mr.Alireza Goldouzian achived to succes in Bratislav Festival and Mohammad Ali Khalaji won the Grand Persica in Brazil.

In Europe ,One of The major Iranian Artists-Mr. Vaziri Moghaddam ,whom was one of the master teachers for many Iranian Artists won the 2005 european charechter ,for his great art and life.

Two of the greatest exhibitions held in Iran -Tehran were of those called The Exhibition of Western Modern Art which had been taken place in Tehran Museum of Contemporary
Arts.The first Exhibition was the Exhibition of Western Modern art called "The Exhibition of TMCA 's Archive of Modern Art Movement" .the second exhibition followd the first
one was that one showing Us The Iranian Modern art from 1920 to 2005 .THe first exhibition was a success to stop the rumors about selling all of TMCA Archive to westerns
and all critics visited the works are Now sure about having them all in Tehran.In The past year we had two more international and national Art events :

  1. The 4th Sculpture Biennale of Tehran [Photos Here]
  2. The 7th international Cartoon Biennale of Tehran in two seperate parts : Free and Portrait
  3. The 24th Fajr International Theatre Festival

AllThese events took place in Tehran and were successful at their levels. The
7th Cartoon Biennale of Tehran as one of the most important events in Iranian
Art and some how in
international Scene was the host for Great Artists all
over the world ,Jean Molatie , the founder of the New Caricature Movement was
ready in the Final ceremony of the
Biennale. The other Great figures in This
art event were Kozo Bokin ,Kambiz Derambakhsh , Constantin Siosio , Deschimiker and ... .

-Bad News-
Three bad news ,telling us about the death of Three Iranian Major Artists THe news was the saddest news we heard in Tehran -iran in the passed year .Iranian Poet and
litterature critic - Manouchehr Atashi 's Dead . Iranian master Graphic designer - Morteza momayez's Dead and the Death of Mrs. Mokarameh Ghanbari , Iranian Naive Painter
were of those Events ,made all Iranian art lovers feel sorry and sad.
The Art Expo of Tehran which was established to help Iranian Artists and Galleries work freely ,went wrong and ruined all the way .

Many official organizations took art works and didn't pass any money ,The
Iranian government wanted to help artists by putting some budgets for
govenmental organizations to buy Iranian Artists Works , but they did it wrong
and they gave no money to any Artist and had just taken thier times and
energy.The Iranian Ministry of Industries ,which was responsible of buying many
of the Art works in The Expo,took most of the works in the first days of
exbition and avoided other organizations from purchasing those.

No money at all ,for any reason it was a sad condition of killing Hope.Mr. Imani Khoshkhou - Deputy in ministry of Culture of Iran - Said : " the Tehran Art Expo was not Successful at all."

-Funny News-

The Venice Biennal ,was also the funny news of Iranian Art .Many of Artists wanted to kill themself to reach to the biennale and it was like an Art level Race between sentimental
fools. Many artist wanted to be there and many others wanted to pretend they were there , It seems to be a sentimental war against art ,instead,which is taking place in
IRAN .In fact reaching to these exhibitins and the calls for iranian Artist is not a free aqnd independent matter ,but it's all a govenmental and Political Program So It happent
for those who have more relations or more Monay to attent the position.
As the Iranian News agency said : This time two Iranian Women are ready to be sent to the Venice biennale , but It was such a shocking news and in the result ,the official
government claimed that will send no artist to the Venice biennale and is going to cancel the budgets for this Journey . The selected artist to be sent to this International
Biennale were to Women - Mandana Moghadam and Bita Fayazi.


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