Sunday, November 27, 2005

Father is gone For Ever

Morteza Momayez –The Father of Iranian modern Graphic- Has closed His Book of Life in 26 November 2005, while he was suffering from a long-live pain. Momayez-Born in 1936 – had started design since 1965 and working with many Domestic and foreign Medias and Cultural Institutes. In 1968 he had startet his studies on fine and decorative arts in National France
Fine arts University .

In the late 30 years of His life ,momayez has been working all day with Students and teaching in Iranian Art Universities and helped too many young artists to find the way to the Graphic World, Infact The Nikname-Father of Iranian Graphic –is because of This teaching attitude he had since 30 years ago and the creativity he discovered and Tolerate in Iranian Graphic
Design scene. Image Archieve
Gilgamesh illustration serie
Designed by M.Momatez
Mono Print

“For the graphic arts in Iran, whose history reaches back to the second half of the Nineteenth Century, the wall ad or poster is a new feature. Before, our graphic arts were comprised chiefly of calligraphy, book illustration, signage, caricature and illustration. These elements formed the pillars of our graphic arts in the past.
About fifty years ago, the first movie posters the size of cinema billboards were designed and produced by the Sorouri brothers, Mushekh and Napoleon, who had recently immigrated to Iran from Armenia. Later, Frederick Talberg, an émigré from Sweden, took the lead in poster design, particularly in adver­tising. Despite such activities, the poster did not play a significant role for the culture as a whole, largely because of the lack of printing machines for producing large posters…”

Morteza Momayez
Introduction to a book “ Art of Poster in Iran” Image Archieve
Antonioni cinema
Designed by M.Momatez
Offset-83x57 cm

“Before Momayez there was plenty of unbalances and complexity in Iranian Graphic art and there was absolutely nothing called “Logo “ in Iran ,before him”said Aidin Aghdashlou,Iranian Master Painter” It was Morteza Momayez , Ghobad Shiva and Farshid Methghali who made life to Iranian Poster Art” He continues.The Fact is That Momatyez approaches are worthy because of his success in making a true path for the Iranian young Talent.
Beside Graphic design and the long way he has passed true his Art life ,Momayez Has a Film making Experiments : 3 short films – Flying Black , “those who act and Those who dream” & “One green Point”which has won the 1973 Moscow Film Festival Award. Image Archieve
Designed by M.Momatez
1975 Offset 97.5x50


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous AstAreH said...

MoMayeZ iS ALiVe...

I caN FeEL iT,
WheN i'M LoOKiNg aT HiS wOrKs...

...NoThiNg tO SaY...


At 3:06 AM, Blogger نیما نیلیان بوشهری said...

بله دوست عزیز
من همانیم که در ارکات هم سرکی می کشم؛)لینک وبلاگتان را هم اضافه کردم

در ضمن من الان در بلژیک زندگی میکنم
موفق باشی رفیق


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