Sunday, November 13, 2005

The First Kolahstudio Group Exhibition

The First Group Exhibition of Kolahstudio Artists is Now open for Public from 12 November 2005 and will be continued Until 17 November in Behzad Art Gallery ,Teheran,IRAN.

Karan Reshad –Kolahstudio Former and Manager- aims to break the silence taking Iranian Desperate young Artists and Invite them to Exhibit their works for Iranian People.
The main Atmosphere in which the exhibition is stable is the Expression. Expression of The inner and The fact of Being true nomatter what the situation. Kolahstudio Has selected 4 artists from among ten Artists to include their works for November 2005 Exhibition.Kaveh Tavakoli, Ismaeel Bahrani and Arash Khodaee are showing their works beside Karan Reshad in a Great Exhibition space on Keshavars Blvd. Tehran.
5 figurative ,wood sculptures , 2 children illustration books and more that 100 Works of Expressionism Art are ready for people to visit in The First kolahstdio Exhibition.


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