Sunday, September 03, 2006

5th Generation of Iranian Poster Designers!!!

An exhibition of Some Iranian young graphic Designers is open to audience in Saba Art and cultural Institute in Tehran Iran. The Exhibition which is called THe 5th Generation is going to introduce some graphic designers how have been submitting their works for this exhibition. The nice point about The 5th Generation of Iranian graphic Designers is 2 opositions who want to be The Introduction. It means two Different Call for Artists and Two different Group of Famouse iranian Designers are fighting to show tht they are the Father of This new generation.It seems that the want to introduce something that they like to be their own .

Iranian Graphic designers Reza Abedini ,Saeed Moshki and so many others are struggleing to gather their fans as the 5th generation of Iranian Designers .It's not bad as a sort of Energy to do Art ,But It's a wrong Way Because many of 5th Generation Artists who know something about Philosophy and have any ideology can not be in their classifications ,so i call it the lack of comprehension and understanding of The ART ,today.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Amirali Ghasemi said...

Dear karan,
It a very ugly simplified conclution, its so black & white, I expect you to be more precise & careful & only commnet when you are fully aware of the details, It believe this is a very important responsibility of every blogger.
there are some facks in your post which is totaly wrong there are some names mentioned which aren't involved at all.
I know that it's your blog & you can write whatever you like, but these were some ideas which I thought might be good if I share it with you, hope to see you in your exhibition, brother.

At 7:05 AM, Blogger EditorialZ said...

Dear amir ali Ghasemi If our Audience knows about Your stron relation with Those guys in cahrge of this event and if they know who are trying to get in to these generations they will see who knows and who don't know. every one knpws that in Iran no official work will be done without getting into lies and advertising as you guys do . Are you employeed officialy for that book by reza abedini? maybe . but I will never let a Potato to Decide for me . I am not From your 5th Generation , take care of your Islamic official Generation of Designers!!!!
I am not intrested to know which guys are doing this silly job. go for your fans ,they will love you and your masters


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