Sunday, August 06, 2006

BBC LIEs Published

BBC LIES Brainstorm Issue 4
Published and ready to download for free . THe magazine is powered by Tehran based underground Emagazine. You can listen to some Anti war and anti Zionism Songs in Playlist section ,there . click to see and download The PDF Version . Brainstorm

"The Revolution Must First Start with each individual changing (him/her) mind-set to one of understanding.Like existing in this world without relying on materialistic Stuffs;Not just Depending on Money and Fame,but Letting Your foundation be the supreme Being.That's Revolution" -Common

This Issue Contents:

  1. Peace : English Article on peace
  2. Photo talks easily : Documentary and social photography Collection
  3. BBC LIES :International Visual Art Collection
  4. Interview : KS intervie with Iranian Underground Female Rapper -SALOME
  5. Next Call for Arts
  6. Credits and contacts

Art Directore : K.Reshad


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