Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Posters by 5 Different Visions

An exhibition of Experimental Poster Design is open to audiences in Mehrin Art Gallery -Tehran.Four Junior Graphic Designers -Mohammad Bani-Hassan,AliReza Hesaraki , AbulFazl Khosravi , Hojat Azizi and Amir Masoud Niaee joint together and made an exhibition of free posters based on Free Individual Ideas.

The exhibition is about to face 2 different Things.
1- The Quality of Today's Graphic Design and The Creativity which gives meaning to the Progressive Design.How to define This Exhibtion as a study or aproach (both public and individual) in Graphc design?
2- The lack of cohierance in Visual Atmosphere chosen by the artists in their works and some unwanted contrasts in the series , may show the young experience which requires more study and Attention to get to the point of ideal.

Another Point we can TAlk or even think about Is the location ,which can effect the exhibition so much .Mehrin gallery is not a good place for 100x70 or 60x90 squarcm Posters,because of the poor equipment of Lighting and the short walls.Maybe the Gallery Owner should pay more attention to decisions she makes in the future,because it can be more effective if she could manage what she features.


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