Thursday, August 13, 2009

During Past 5 years kolahstudio Has been Selling Art stuff and products of the basement down in rented Gallery Spaces and Internet To a serrie of collectores and Art lovers around the world. Since the increasing number of Contacts and works we decided to launch the as the front store of the Website(KS) to show and represent Kolahstudio Art pieces (Originals,limited prints and comissioned) for those who are or may be interested to have one or a serrie at their collection.

As you may already now KS and also Pain-things have a especial taste and not an easy /money oriented viewpoint onshowcasing Art products for . so we just try to keep limited to some serries of Art works we surley think they have some collecting values and have a story around. Being out of the mainstream and still being Bold and Effective is Always our Main goal …so we just Seek Our Own Goals…..

Let’s Do it

Website : Pain-things



At 12:22 AM, Anonymous choule[bnkr] said...

interesting to see what is done in other countries less known for street-art. Thx for the reminder.

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Ms. Cosmic said...

I like how the board are used as canvas...thats a good way to recyle unwanted boards.


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