Friday, February 13, 2009


if You like to know more about Contemporary Urban IRAN with a more realistic View ...without talking about politics and economics -The book "Urban IRAN" is Out now to show its readers a new,real view point about what is happening inside IRAnian youth and Art Scene the paragraph below is a shortcut to the context of the book....
"Contemporary Iran is a complex place. The 1979 Revolution incited many changes, influencing how the country was perceived by its residents as well as by the rest of the world. While Iran has long been a major player in global culture, today it serves as one of the pivot points for international economic and diplomatic policies because of its location, huge oil reserves and nuclear capabilities. These multifaceted issues can overshadow the lives of individuals doing nothing more than trying to live their lives. Urban Iran gives voice to these people living and working in Iran today. With photographs of contemporary street culture by the artist - from graffiti to marketplaces to the underground music scene - a portrait of what daily life looks like in some of Iran's larger cities emerges. Written contributions from writers like prominent Iranian novelist Salar Abdoh further the issues and ideas presented in the photographs, revealing an Iran that is as divorced from the American media gaze, as it is inextricably linked."

Urban IRAN book By MARKBATTY Publication ( NY/USA)
If you have not bought this Book and you have any ciriousity about what is happening in middleeast and IRAN except oil and Anti capitalism politics get sure to grab one for yourself.
Check it at• Hardcover: 128 pages
• Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher, First Edition(November 2008)
• Language: English
• Product Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 1”

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