Thursday, September 04, 2008

live and die with Governmental permission

Habib-o-llah Sadeghi + Mahmoud Shalooyee (previous and curent Presidents islamic fine arts department)

"Rappers, youth, rock musicians, artists and freethinkers are all Satanists!!!!!!!!,"
concludes an Iranian official news program on Iranian television.

Just check out this new law which has been declared by the Iranian Ministry of Islamic Culture and Education’s Fine Arts Department: "All official and unofficial fine art shows, exhibitions, events and expos should have prior permission from the Department of Fine Arts of the Islamic Ministry of Culture and Education."

How will this be done? Every artist, gallery or institute that wants to create a public event exhibiting fine art pieces must first show images of the artwork to the Islamic ministry officers and have them stamped as "Permissible.”

What does this mean? Is this in the interests of the artists? What is it like to be an artist in IRAN? To be a painter? This new policy has just one meaning: You are allowed to show these images in your gallery show, The Government – Sanctioned Art Show!!!!!

We live in 2008. History has taught us that Government- sanctioned art is not completely ART. Is It?

So after this We -Artists- in IRAN will not Show art in Galleries.This means :After this law ,In IRAN,You can just check galleries to see Premissioned ,accepted ,old colorful bulshit on walls instead of ART.Yeah!!! we will show some formal shit in Galleries.The original art is Underground and these days we will get Underground more and more.

THe strange point is(for example :) exactly when I am trying to trust my government and try to make my country's name shine in the world wide galleries (that is a positive thing for whole my nation and government)my government is fucking with me an trying to keep me silent . What the stupid dialouge is going on between me and my government. I am going mad as a Progressive Artist ,i should fear more and more.I should be depressed more and more . I should change my way again to be against instead of trying to be friend of my government.It is when the Government can not understand the young Blood.they fear. they are afraid of Beauty. a painting , a new subject or a young girl . All of these are meant to be against the religious government.
Girls ,newblood pieces of Art and every beauty should be hidden back at home or a basement. Painting a woman figure,a social political subject or a real energetic piece for sure is Not accepted.It means when ever i want to show my works in My country or take them out or inside my country with me i should show them all to the cultural officers and get permission. so it means when i paint i should also think about them and think about when and where i want to show or hide them. Hey man It means i can never create art but some useless paintings.ART is the result of freethinking and experience but not a limited act of putting colors on canvas and making an accepted image .

I just checked some opinions between some Iranian artists and cultural activists and saw that every person i can trust on has the similar idea to me.But so shame on those official artists who are using governmental budget and are going to official biennales like veniz and other bienalls . those who are lieing to themselves and people. One of them answered like this
Question: "Dear Mr.Khosrodjerdi what do you think about the new laws about showing of Fine Arts?"
Answer : "Ofcourse it is so good ,becasue it makes a better friendship and harmoney between artists and government and they can be more in touch after this.

Lets ask like this :" What the fuck are you talking about,stupid pupet?"
they are many countries and cities who are making a good relation between Artists and Government but not in such a rude and crazy way. I have witnessed that in some cities in the world they are paying artists for each Exhibition ,city council prints all posters and cards freely and many other oppurtunities that are made to help artists and inviting them to be close or near to the government. they do not check the artists work and they do not want him/her to be silent. they want him to cry and find the best ways ,to explore and teach all the nation. they help Artists ,but here we are getting totured.

Girls ,Artists , Youth Are in the worst dangerous social prison.
After 10 years i am fucking bored ,fucking tired.we should finish this. We live in 21th century.let us live.Maybe i love to go to hell. let me do my own.

Letter from a Tired ,Alone ,But still hopeful

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At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous shade said...

oon aghae ke axesh on balae daste rastie moaleme ma bod...marde bahalie


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