Sunday, February 25, 2007

1st biennale of Iranian Hand prints

The first Iranian biennale Of Handprints is up for show in Tehran Museum of Contemporary arts.The event is ill by the Lack of Credits and the small amount of Participants as the museum curartores had to expose the Pre revolution archive of Western Modern Handprints by David hokney , Odelon redon , Pablo picasso and too much other Western last one should see how the amount of Representation of the old works is more than Iranian Hand prints.

So how they call it the First biennale of Iranian contemporary hand prints? only god knows if he is not got in Limited access.At last I should tell you that the Exhibit at TMOCA was owful and maybe the worst after their previous shows about Islamic Art and Islamic REsistance. I wonder how much they want to Shoot their own body as a museum showing thier official approaches which is absoloutly nothing but hate.

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