Saturday, August 06, 2005

Review On Artists Activities : Kaveh Tavakoli

 Artist in his recent Studio
Kaveh Tavakoli ,Iranaian painter and Sculptor ,Was born in 1975 .He had started Drawing and Oil color painting in Highschool years.
In 1998 He entered to Azad Islamic Art and Architecture University ,and started to Paint seriously.In 2000 He established his sculpture studio and held his first Public Exhibition in 2002 ,Sabz Art Gallery.Kaveh Has once Destroyed all His paintings and all things left, are some great Wooden sculptures.
In 2004 He established His Sculpture studio once again, in Tehran Bazaar Zone, where The situation and the City environment is absolutely different from the rest.In The past 10 months, after a long period of silence, He worked harder than ever.The offsprings of The recent activities are about 8 wooden sculptures(4 Unfinished) and 12 New Paintings .
 sculptures by Kaveh Tavakoli 2004-2005
Inspite of The balance in his Sculptures and the Silence he creats trough them ,Kaveh shows more Depression and escape from reality in his paintings . Kaveh ‘s recent paintings are changed ,but Maybe just the subject and the forms are different. As you can see He has not changed his Style of Painting,The way he holds the brush and the way he mixes colors , and also the way he cares about The Composition.
 Paintingss by Kaveh Tavakoli 2005


At 2:08 AM, Anonymous Sina Avaz said...

Nice works ,I like Kaveh's view to figuers and Shapess, The portrait is good and asol other pieaces.


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