Monday, February 15, 2010

Kaos in King St

 Kaos in King St. is the Title for the Australian Clay animation which will be available on DVD in June 2010. The film has taken 12 months to create.
 It features charicatures of 4 of Sydney's pioneering graffiti artists’ Teazer, Pnash, Phibs and Mistery showcasing their art on a small scale.

 This  20 minute film shows the impact of the recently enacted anti-graffiti laws, this new law states that any person caught in possesion of an aerosol spray can be jailed for their art.

 The film is sponsored by graffiti supply shop 567 King in Newtown, and Australias aerosol paint company Ironlak. Here's the trailer
and here is the Creator's blog: Blog


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