Friday, August 26, 2005

Joka lukacs In Iranaian Artists Forum!!!

Sculpture Exhibition of Juka Josef Lukacs, Hungarian Artist is now held in Iranaian artists Forum gallery : Wooden sculptures with Decorative Dimensions and small sizes.
I Can Hardly Call Those Sentimental and Decorative Works as Art. Wooden Works surrounded by Framed Drawings and Rondos .
The other Strange thing about This Exhibition is the nationality of The Artists and The title of the Gallery : A Hungarian Artist in The Iranian Artists Forum?
And … so is it fair?


How They find This Artist? And What was the criteria for selecting this One? We don't Know !!! ,Perhaps Just a friendship with an Iranaian Artist and Some relationships between friends and ... made this Exhibition possible . As we Know Joka has a friendship with Pantea Rahmani ( an Iranian junior Female Painter) and This is Exactly the point we can Take and ride to the end.

The quality of Lukacs works and The Materials he Used Are The main point of His works rather than the Creativity and Artistic aspects.
Non of The works are Really new , The Are just like Ethhuds and examines on One Sculture : No Creation , no Real Expression , and no Art .


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